Unofficial Chia Pool

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this pool work? The client works with the pool server to essentially turn a bunch of solo miners into a collective pool.

How do I switch between solo and pool mining? If the client is running, you are pool mining. If it isn't, you are solo mining.

When will I receive a payment? You will receive a payment everytime you are active on a winning block and you have found a least one valid block while being a user on the pool.

Why should I trust you? The success of this pool will benefit both of us for a long time moving forward. If you are struggling to win a block, then what can trying hurt.

What is the pools cut of the mined xch? To cover the costs of running the server and to reward the coders for their hard work the pool retains 5% of all funds.

How do I check my account stats? Enter your payment address into the search bar under user stats to view your balance and contribution stats.

If I upgrade the chia node, will the pool client still work? Not unless a new version of the client is installed also. We will update as quickly as possible when that happens.
I would recomend waiting until the new client is available before upgrading. Future clients will most likely work with previous node versions starting with 1.1.7

Have you done anything I may have heard of? I am the creator of the 64 Bit Collective Bitcoin Private Key Cracking Pool for the Bitcoin Puzzle Transaction.

Is there an app for my phone for TTDPool? No but this website is designed to be very usable on a smart phone so give that a try.

How is the users reward calculated? When a block is found the pool credits everyone that has worked that block and it is split according to how many plots each user had at the time of working the block.

How long before my stats appear? Some stats start displaying after a couple of minutes others up to 50 blocks. Your contribution is still being counted.

How do I change my Handle? Just edit settings.ini and enter a new handle. Then restart the client to load the new handle and it will update on the pool.

Why does Windows Defender and other software flag the client as a virus or trojan? This is frustrating but because I am using python code with pyinstaller the resulting EXE often gets flagged.
Apparently many malacious program creators used simular software tools and have now ruined it for those us us writing legitimate code. You should consider excluding the folder you install the client in from defender.

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